Tuesday, 21 April 2009 MUSIC INTERVIEW: London Metropolitan University's staff/student rock band Unbound Manfredo Meraviglia is an IT helpdesk employee of London Metropolitan University, based at the North campus. He’s the tall Italian guy with the long hair and rugged features. Many of you students at the university may have met him when trying to get your technical problems solved but how many of you know Manfredo formed the best London Met rock ‘n roll band in years?In December of 2006, Manfredo and fellow help desk colleague Nuno decided to form a classic hard rock band in the vein of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones and were soon joined by student Joy. With Manfredo on lead vocals and lead guitar duties, Nuno on bass and Joy on drums, the trio named themselves Unbound.Unbound played their first show exactly a year ago at the Rocket bar last year. I was there and witnessed the effect the band on the crowd in attendance. Of the three bands on the bill that night – or any other band since that night – none had made such an impact on the Rocket crowd like Unbound. Not only were the band met with an overwhelming reception from students, but they were supported by their university employers.Recently the band’s bassist Nuno left the band due to other commitments and the line-up went through some changes. Unbound is now a quartet with IT students Sean replacing Nuno on bass and Anatoly adding a new depth to the band with rhythm guitar/piano playing.Unbound originally intended to record their demo last autumn but felt they weren’t ready. However, with a new line-up and at least 15 original songs ready to record, they are now itching to go into the studio to lay down the tracks. With all four band members currently enrolled on courses at the university, it is only a matter of time before you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from Unbound. ” - Rashad

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