Good News, Bad News 

My ear is slowly getting better. Noises are not as annoying as before. But the band is shaky, Anatoly is going to Ireland to work for Intel this summer, time is running out.

I feel like a juggler with a broken leg, juggling grenades. Need to keep my focus, need to keep everything in balance. Keep it together, never give up.


yabba dabba doo


Time, time, time! I have to make time. That's exactly what I don't have! I have experience, gear, passion but time is running out! I went to another doctor, but no one can say how long it will take to get better. It could take an year and a half!

Not a pretty thought. I decided to study some business books and start my own label as I wait for this nightmare to end.

Today I tried acupuncture. Some say it helps tinnitus. We'll see.


When the going gets tough... 

Hey, life keeps kicking me down and I keep getting back up.

This time is getting longer.

Right now we should have a finished CD for you guys but just before going to the studio to record my right ear got concussed.

I saw a specialist and he said I have to stay away from noise until the tinnitus goes away.

I hope it does.

At the time all I can do is hang in there.


Peace out.